Vietnamese coffee phin

I completely fell in love with coffee after purchasing my first coffee grinder, which complemented the Bialetti Moka pot brought back from my trips to Italy. Since then, there was no going back to buying pre-ground coffee or even instant coffee.

Vietnamese coffee phin

If you want to try another interesting coffee preparation style, try Vietnamese coffee made using a phin filter. This video will clearly demonstrate the preparation process:

Preparing Vietnamese coffee is truly simple. Ground coffee is evenly placed into the filter chamber, pressed down with the top mesh, and moistened with a small amount of hot water. After a while, hot water is poured into the phin filter up to the edge and allowed to gradually drip into the cup. The cup may (or may not) contain sweetened condensed milk. After a few minutes, the entire upper part drips into the bottom cup, the filter is set aside, and the coffee is ready.

Hippo café coffee

You can taste Vietnamese coffee in Sapa, for example, at the Hippo café, which roasts its own coffee. One cup of Vietnamese coffee costs 2.60 EUR, and you can also choose a version with sweetened condensed milk.

More information can be obtained by clicking on the map link: