Cà phê trứng aka egg coffee

Coffee is a very popular drink in Vietnam. After all, even in the Sapa market in Prague, you can enjoy it in many places. There is also an opportunity to try an interesting egg variant. Egg coffee is a classic Vietnamese filtered coffee complemented by whipped foam made from egg yolks.

Egg coffee was reportedly created in the 1950s in Vietnam for a simple reason – milk was expensive and hard to come by at the time, while eggs were always available. Cheap whipped yolks thus replaced expensive whipped milk.

Egg coffee

The preparation is simple. Two raw egg yolks are whipped together with condensed milk and a pinch of vanilla syrup to create a fluffy foam, which is served with classic Vietnamese filtered coffee. Egg whites are not used in the recipe.

Egg coffee

I had the opportunity to taste egg coffee at the Hippo café, which also roasts its own fresh coffee. The staff at the café are happy to guide you through the process of preparing egg coffee. You can then enjoy the egg coffee, which costs 4.80 EUR, on the café’s terrace, from where you have an interesting view of the entire Sapa market in Prague.

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