Where to go in Prague for Asian groceries?

Asian cuisine is among my favorites. In Prague, I usually go to two places to stock up – to Sapa and its largest store, Tamda Foods, and for smaller and faster shopping, I head to the grocery store on Zlatnická Street.

Sapa Market and Tamda Foods

The Prague market Sapa consists of a large number of shops and warehouses, mainly with clothing, footwear, toys, and other goods, from where other Vietnamese sellers take goods for their stores. However, in Sapa, we can also find several dozen bistros offering typical Vietnamese specialties and several stores with Asian groceries.

Tamda Foods

The largest store is Tamda Foods, which in terms of size boldly competes with large Tesco hypermarket. In Tamda, you can buy practically everything from fast-moving goods – from drugstore items to drinks and household needs.

Tamda Foods Offer

The aisles in Tamda are numbered for easier orientation, and the section dedicated to Asian groceries is located around aisle 24. The offer includes a range of products that are most often needed: a huge selection of noodles, rice, sauces, or prepared curry pastes. If you are not very familiar with Asian groceries, I recommend trying some of my favorite ingredients, described in the article “What to buy in Sapa“.

Tamda Foods Offer

Tamda is often crowded, and you should be prepared for possible queues in front of the cash registers. The goods here are really cheap, and this is also used by Czechs who buy regular consumer goods here. I have no experience with shopping in Tamda on weekdays, on Sundays the queue is usually not longer than 10 minutes. If you have a business ID, I definitely recommend getting a Tamda Foods loyalty card, the price of goods will drop significantly.

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In Sapa, however, you can also find other stores focused exclusively on Asian groceries, such as the interesting branch of the e-shop Jasmino.cz.

Asian groceries in Zlatnická

Since Tamda in Prague’s Libuš is a bit of a trip for me, I mainly use the small grocery store in Zlatnická Street near the Palladium shopping centre for purchasing fresh herbs – coriander and my favorite perilla. The front part resembles a classic convenience store, but the back room is dedicated to Asian cuisine, and in the refrigerated boxes, you can find a wide range of Asian herbs and vegetables.

The range of some brands is even wider here than in Tamda in Sapa itself – for example, the range of my favorite pastes from the Asian Home Gourmet brand.

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