Antica Gelateria Sorrentina, Sorrento

At the Sorrentina ice cream parlor, the Gargiulo family has been dedicated to ice cream production since 1860, so they have more than enough experience. They pride themselves on using quality ingredients – they buy pistachios from Etna, hazelnuts from the Piemonte region, and coffee from Naples.

The ice cream parlor is small, and we were politely invited inside by a friendly older gentleman. Although it is located on one of the main tourist arteries, via Fuoro street, we were not afraid to try it due to its long history.

Ice cream from Antica Gelateria Sorrentina
Ice cream from Antica Gelateria Sorrentina

Given the production of lemons in the area, the choice was clear – I chose lemon and then their “signature dessert” flavor crema amalfitana. Both were great and the price was the same as in other non-touristy places. In front of the ice cream parlor, there are several tables with chairs where you can sit, enjoy the ice cream, and continue exploring the city of Sorrento.

Bon appetit!

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