Al Cassaro Ice Cream, Palermo

Italian ice cream is the best in the world for me. I have written this many times and I will certainly write it many more times. Italians simply know their gelato. In Palermo, the weather is still beautiful in mid-October, 25 degrees is not an exception. Ice cream from Al Cassaro was just right for the taste.

Dark chocolate with pickled cherries and peanut ice cream

We chose dark chocolate with pickled cherries and the specialty of the place – peanut ice cream “cassaro”.

Mango and lemon ice cream

The second cone was filled with mango flavor and the classic lemon.

Ice cream offer at Al Cassaro

At the Al Cassaro ice cream parlor, you can choose from about 20 flavors, each one looking more tempting than the other. We came across a staff who didn’t speak much English, and there were no prices for small, medium, or large portions anywhere. Communication when ordering ice cream is not too demanding, we didn’t know the price until we paid, and 2.5 EUR for one cone with two flavors is more than a reasonable price.

The place is located on one of the main gastronomic streets in Palermo. From the ice cream parlor, it is just a short walk to the port of Palermo, where you can enjoy the sea breeze and on the way back stop at, for example, Bar Touring for their great tiramisu and coffee.

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