Genny Street Food, Sorrento

Ever since my first visit to Naples, I have had one addiction. It is the small fried balls “frittatina” from the Di Matteo establishment. I can never resist them. Made from bucatini pasta, peas, meat mixture, and béchamel, a ball is formed, which is then fried in a fryer. For me, absolutely perfect street food.

That’s why I wanted to try something similar in Sorrento. The choice fell on the highly rated Genny Street Food, which focuses on fried products.

Genny Street Food

We chose several pieces from the wide selection and had a pleasant chat with the friendly and communicative staff. We paid 12 EUR for everything you see on the tray, which I think is a reasonable price. It is a hearty meal that reliably satisfies two people.


And how did we enjoy it? Di Matteo remains unbeaten, setting the bar very, very high. However, if you are far from it and want to taste frittatina in Sorrento, try Genny Street Food, you will not be disappointed.

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