Cozonac: Romanian Sweat Bread

Cozonac is a sweet bread, traditional for the Southeastern Europe region. It most often has a rectangular shape, but it is also possible to find a round version. Similar to Czech sweat bread called “vánočka”, it can be braided from several strands. It is usually prepared for Easter, but due to its popularity, but due to its popularity it is available all year round like other Romanian sweets.

The basic ingredients for making it are flour, milk, yeast, eggs, sugar, butter, and lemon zest can also be added. I tasted a version that also had sweet Turkish jelly lokum mixed in. Ground walnuts or hazelnuts, cocoa, raisins can also be added, and it can be sprinkled with poppy seeds.


And how does the sweet cozonac taste? It reminded me most of the traditional fluffy Czech Christmas bread, enriched with sweets and filling. Have you encountered cozonac on your travels through Southeastern Europe? How did you like it?

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