Alexandru cel Bun Market, Iași

Visiting the Alexandru cel Bun market in Romanian Iași was a pleasant change for me. There are more than enough modern markets in the West, the markets in Valencia or Barcelona will remain deeply in one’s memory. However, one appreciates the original markets even more, which serve almost exclusively local residents and which are not too much in the sights of tourists.

Vegetable offer

In my opinion, the market in Iași is such a type of market. It offers a wide range of local vegetables and fruits, sold in stalls in several rows.

Fresh herbs offer

It is possible to find freshly picked herbs here…

Dog guarding potatoes

… as well as potatoes in bags, guarded by one of the many stray dogs that can be found in Romania.

Grape leaves and dried herbs offer

Even two crates placed on the ground can serve as a miniature stand. Here with an offer of grape leaves and dried herbs.

Pickled whole cabbage heads

Since my visit to the Baltic States in the summer of 2019, I have been fascinated by the ways of pickling and fermenting vegetables. I came across pickled whole cabbage heads for the first time.

Stand offering pickled cucumbers

The only moment I regretted that the entire visit to Iași could be done without a single lei in cash was this one. A stand offering fermented cucumbers (in our Walachian region called “kvašáky”). Would you taste them? I definitely would.

Horseradish offer

Horseradish can be purchased not only freshly dug and washed, but also peeled.

Offer of fresh walnuts

Or would you like some fresh walnuts?

Cheese selection

In the central part of the market, there is a glass air-conditioned building where you can buy dairy products, most often local cheeses.

And how about your visits to markets? Are they among the destinations that are automatically on the list of interesting places to visit?

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