Papanași: Romanian Doughnuts

Sweet fried doughnuts called papanași were something I wanted to try in Romanian Iași from the moment I started planning my gastronomic journey. Doughnuts are among the traditional desserts of Romanian cuisine. The word “papanași” may come from Latin, from the words “papa” or “pappa”, meaning “food for children”.

Romanian doughnuts papanași
Romanian doughnuts papanași

Papanași are made from a dough that contains a large amount of curd cheese. After frying, they are moist and not dried out. The hole in the center of the ring is filled with another fried ball. Papanași are generously topped with sour cream and jam, in this case apricot.

I had the opportunity to taste papanași at the Rustic restaurant, one large portion cost 4 EUR. When you are in Romania, be sure to try papanași, I believe you will enjoy them.

Bon appetit!

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