V Zátiší Restaurant, Prague (2)

The restaurant V Zátiší offers an unusual but pleasant combination of Czech and Indian cuisine. The chef is Igor Chramec, the Indian area is in charge of Ramesh Mamgain. From Monday to Friday, you can sample a two- or three-course lunch menu. We have again chosen a full three-course menu.

Savoury curd balls, asparagus, almonds and dill oil

Savoury curd balls, asparagus, almonds and dill oil as starter. And the absolute delight of a great meal. The curd balls were literally like a puff, very fluffy, everything on the plate perfectly flavour matched. For me, one of the best appetizers I’ve ever had. A dish I would like to have again.

Baked pikeperch with egg barley

The main course was roasted pikeperch served with egg barley, young garlic shoots and a thick sauce. No mistake, a very tasty and light dish.

Pistachio crème brûlée

The pistachio créme brûlée was the sweet spot. I was fascinated by such a small detail as the tiny flowers among the roasted pistachios.

Lunch menu

The three-course menu sells for CZK 495 (about 20 EUR), the two-course menu for CZK 395 (about 16 EUR). Considering the prices you can eat at nearby restaurants in the centre and the quality you get here, I find this offer great and unbeatable.

Interior of the restaurant V Zátiší

The interior of the restaurant V Zátiší feels very elegant, with comfortable chairs where one can sit back and enjoy a gastronomic experience. The restaurant received a Michelin recommendation in 2022, but at the same time it doesn’t feel overly formal. The staff is very friendly and reservations can easily be made on-line. If you haven’t been to Zátiší yet, think about visiting. You will not be disappointed.

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