Focaccia barese

Focaccia barese is a special type of focaccia. It differs from the classic one by adding cooked potatoes to the dough, which is then baked in a round pan greased with a truly large amount of olive oil. This ensures a wonderful crispiness.

Focaccia barese with breadcrumbs

Before baking, the surface of focaccia barese is most often topped with fresh tomatoes, olives, or possibly onions, eggplant, and peppers. There are also variations where the focaccia is covered with thin slices of potatoes and rosemary. Sometimes, focaccia barese can be generously sprinkled with breadcrumbs – breadcrumbs often replace Parmesan in the poorer south of Italy.

Antico Forno Santa Chiara Bakery

If you visit Altamura for its famous bread, try to include a visit to the bakery, which has been in operation since 1423. It is one of the oldest public ovens in Altamura. They offer a wide variety of focaccia barese and also Altamura bread (but I recommend buying it rather in Di Gesù bakery).

Offer at Santa Chiara bakery

The biggest attraction is the oven, which is constantly in operation. The local baker puts new and new trays of focaccia into it, which tastes best when still warm.

Putting focaccia in the oven

Thanks to its long history, the bakery is a popular destination for tourists, but I still think it is worth a visit and buying focaccia barese. Focaccia barese is sold here (as elsewhere) by weight, and they will gladly sell you a piece wrapped in paper to take away. In front of the bakery, there are several tables where you can enjoy their products complemented by Italian cold cuts or cheeses. However, these are reserved well in advance and prices are higher.

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Magda Bakery

In Bari, I recommend trying focaccia barese from Magda bakery, which is located near the central train station. Magda is a must-stop for me during every visit to Bari. In addition to focaccia, I always take a package of their onion and raisin taralli rings. Give them a try, I’m sure you’ll love them like I did.

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