La Pecera Ice Cream, Madrid

If you head to Madrid with children (or with parents who love sweets), you might appreciate a tip for the unconventional ice cream parlor La Pecera. It specializes in ice cream served in freshly baked waffle cones.

Ice cream with chocolate topping and cookies

The fish-shaped cone is actually a Japanese dessert called taiyaki. It is made from regular waffle batter, which is poured into a mold and baked until golden brown. You can have the cone prepared with vanilla or cocoa flavor.

Ice cream with topping and cookies

The flavor of the soft-serve ice cream can be vanilla, chocolate, yogurt/mango, and possibly others, depending on the daily offer. For the topping, you can choose caramel, Nutella, white or dark chocolate, and everything can be sprinkled with cookies or other sweets.

One serving of ice cream in a taiyaki cone with topping and sprinkles costs approximately 5 EUR.

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