La Tasquería ⭐ Restaurant, Madrid

La Tasquería is a Michelin-starred restaurant specializing in offal. You can choose from three types of tasting menus – a four-course menu for 42 EUR, a five-course menu for 55 EUR, and an XL menu for 75 EUR. I visited the restaurant with my parents, and we chose the four-course menu. The specific items on the menu are not fixed, but you can choose from several options. Each of us chose a different combination of dishes, and we shared them, so we tasted almost everything.

Homemade bread with Spanish olive oil

Homemade bread with Spanish olive oil is served with every menu.

Amouse bouche - savory macaron, two slices of pork bacon, and crackling from pork skin

And almost immediately, the amouse bouche arrives at the table – a savory macaron, two slices of pork bacon, and crackling from pork skin.

Tapas focusing on fish and olives

First course – a selection of tapas focusing on marinated fish and olives.

Second courses:

Beef tongue with chanterelles

Third courses:

Rabbit hearts with mashed potatoes.


Dessert No. 1 at La Tasquería

Dessert No. 2 at La Tasquería

Dessert No. 3 at La Tasquería

Petit four

Each menu also includes a petit four.

La Tasquería Kitchen

The kitchen at La Tasquería is partially open, so you can watch some of the chefs working directly from the tables. For a four-course tasting menu, which also included bread, amuse bouche, petit four, a bottle of wine, and water, we paid a total of 180 EUR for three people, which I find to be an incredibly good value for a Michelin-starred restaurant. The restaurant has a pleasantly informal atmosphere, reservations are required and can be made online.

If you are in Madrid and are not afraid to consume sweetbreads, hearts, kidneys, or brains, do not hesitate and make a reservation at La Tasquería. You will be thrilled.

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