La Table 101 Restaurant, Lyon

La Table 101 is a small restaurant that was filled mainly with office workers from nearby office buildings during Monday lunchtime. However, there were also a few empty tables. The lady owner welcomed us warmly, but unfortunately, there was a slight shyness in communication in English from the staff.

As part of the lunch menu, you can choose from two starters, two main courses, and several desserts and cheeses. Immediately after sitting down, the guest notices a white napkin with an embroidered logo. As with other local restaurants, the logo is also effectively engraved on the glasses.

Practically immediately after ordering, the amuse bouche arrives at the table: potato-mushroom cream with smoked fish, with a spoon unusually hanging on the glass.

Starter: marinated salmon gravlax, roasted pepper sauce, quinoa with olives, herbs. The portion is large enough for a main course.

Main course: poached fresh fish from the market, zucchini, eggplant, creamy sauce with thyme and lemon. Absolutely perfectly prepared fish with crispy skin and honest, excellent sauce.

Main course: rabbit with sweet potatoes, shitake mushrooms, edamame beans, and peas. Again, an absolutely excellent sauce.

Fruit plate with ice cream as dessert. A simple, yet absolutely great combination of fresh and thermally processed fruit drizzled with sweet-sour juice. Very refreshing.

Soufflé with chocolate flakes

Soufflé with chocolate shavings as a dessert. The soufflé is prepared from egg yolks, sugar, and a flavored base (such as chocolate). The mixture is whipped until it is light and fluffy, then briefly baked in the oven. It is not an easy dessert to prepare, as many things can go wrong. In this case, the soufflé was beautifully fluffy, a masterful job.

An appetizer and main course or main course and dessert, including a glass of wine, is priced at 22.50 EUR, which I think is a great price/performance ratio. A classic three-course lunch menu – appetizer, main course, and dessert – then costs 28 EUR. Some items on the menu have an additional charge.

The restaurant received the Michelin Bib award for 2022 – an extraordinary price/performance ratio. In my opinion, it is well deserved.

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