Les Halles Market, Clisson

In the picturesque village of Clisson, not far from Nantes, there are 14th-century halls that have recently undergone a gentle renovation. The halls host markets where you can buy a wide range of vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy products, and other products from local producers. Markets have been held at this location for more than 600 years.

Les Halles, Clisson

It is interesting to walk around a place that has served its original purpose for so long. Thanks to the very interesting wooden beam construction, the atmosphere of the Middle Ages breathes on you. The market vendors are very friendly, and the prices are the same as in other places in France. They truly serve the local residents and are not focused on tourists.

Market vendors' offer

I recommend walking through the market early in the morning when it is still almost empty and imagining how similar it could have been hundreds of years ago. The place is the same, the building is the same, the sellers are the same, the products are the same, only paper and plastic crates would replace baskets and straw, and metal structures would replace wood.

Market vendors' offer

The vegetables and fruits are freshly picked and beautifully arranged, tempting you to buy them. Cheese or pastry producers offer small samples for tasting.

View of Clisson

Clisson itself is definitely worth a visit as well. The town is small, with only about 7,000 inhabitants, and is not overcrowded with tourists. Thanks to its long history and location by the river, visitors to the center and surrounding areas are offered incredibly beautiful views. You can also relax in the extensive surrounding parks.

Clisson Castle

You can easily reach Clisson by direct train from Nantes, with very frequent connections. A half-day or one-day trip is optimal for Clisson, as time flies incredibly fast there. You will constantly enjoy the beautiful combination of the medieval town, river, and greenery.

Have a nice trip!