Ansámbl Bistro, Prague

Bistro Ansámbl, which focuses on modern French-Czech cuisine, will probably be my discovery of the year 2022. I have visited the restaurant twice in one month, and each time the food served was perfectly flavorful and of top quality.

The bistro is located on Krymská Street in Prague’s Vršovice district and opened only at the end of 2021. Head chef Martin Charvát has already gained experience in the world of prestigious restaurants – for example, in the British Le Cochon Aveugle, he spent two months interning at the Danish restaurant Noma with three Michelin stars, and a year and a half at the Prague restaurant La Degustation with one Michelin star. He then opened the new establishment in collaboration with the BadFlash brewery.

Fried potatoes, Old Amsterdam cheese foam, potato straw

Fried potatoes, Old Amsterdam cheese foam, and potato straw as an appetizer set the taste buds for the upcoming gourmet experience. This starter for 159 CZK (about 6.40 EUR) had to be on the table during each visit. And we will probably order it again next time.

Marinated and pickled Šumava trout, fennel, and horseradish mayonnaise
Marinated and pickled trout from Šumava (Czech region), fennel, and horseradish mayonnaise for 179 CZK (about 7.20 EUR) as another appetizer. Beautiful presentation on the plate, light and tasty food.

Linguini with kohlrabi and white asparagus, parmesan

Linguini with kohlrabi and white asparagus, parmesan for 179 CZK (about 7.20 EUR) comes to the table as one of the main courses. Vegetarian food, pasta prepared perfectly al dente, and most importantly, perfect and interesting taste.

Pork schnitzel, grenaille potatoes in butter emulsion

For the next main course, we chose pork schnitzel with grenaille potatoes in a butter emulsion. The guests from England were thrilled, and we liked it a lot too. It disappeared from the plate immediately. Price? 239 CZK (about 9.60 EUR).

Torpid Mind beer ice cream with cherries in griotte, brownies, almonds

Torpid Mind beer ice cream with cherries in griotte, brownies, almonds. Luxury. A perfect combination of flavors. A great sweet finish, I really like this type of dessert with ice cream.

Spiced cream ice cream, stewed apples and apple preserves

Spiced cream ice cream, stewed apples, and apple preserves as a dessert during another visit. Both desserts in the evening menu for 99 CZK (about 4 EUR).

Interior of Bistro Ansámbl

The interior of the bistro is modern and pleasantly furnished, the phone reservation went smoothly, but you can also try to come without it. We always sat on the lower floor of the bistro, we haven’t peeked into the upper one yet.

Menu Ansámbl

The whole bistro has a pleasant focus on detail, whether it’s this nicely executed menu or stylish aprons with the logo. The staff is friendly and helpful, happy to advise.

If you were to visit only one new establishment in 2022, I recommend that it be Bistro Ansámbl. Enjoy your visit!

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