Saint-Aubin Sunday Market, Toulouse

I really enjoy visiting local markets. So when we were at the beer bar Le Père Peinard, where we had a welcome drink after our midnight arrival, we got a tip from the bartender about the Sunday market Sain-Aubin, the choice was clear. The bartender presented the market as a place full of local food and street artists. And so we went to the market on Sunday morning, before our planned trip to Carcassonne Castle, hungry and full of expectations.

Delicatessen stand

And coming to the market with an empty stomach turned out to be the right decision. Stalls of local vendors were overflowing with freshly baked pastries, smoked meats, various jams, cheeses, and other delicacies.

Plum stand

The sellers are friendly, and you can taste many samples. Food stalls are complemented by cut flower stalls, ornamental plants, and a few household equipment stalls.

Ornamental plant stand

However, don’t expect a classic flower pot offer at ornamental plants; the assortment is truly beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

Honey bread

It was impossible to resist the sweet spiced bread sellers. Pain d’épices is a rye flour pastry, sweetened exclusively with honey and a lot of spices. For a special touch, you can add chocolate, figs, orange peel, or other treats.

Honey bread

I chose sweet bread with my favorite orange peel. The honey was beautifully felt in the taste, yet the bread was not too sweet, the spices were well chosen, and the combination with the orange peel was great. The bread is sold by weight, and the sellers will gladly cut you even a thin slice, be sure to try more types. A kilogram costs approximately 15 EUR.

Pancake seller

You will definitely not leave the market hungry. Whether you choose grilled chicken, French mashed potatoes aligot, savory or sweet pancakes, you will definitely be satisfied.

Happy shopping!