Mapshalia Restaurant, Tbilisi

Mapshalia Restaurant is a great place to start acquainting yourself with Georgian cuisine. The establishment focuses on the most famous Georgian dishes, which are excellently prepared, and all for great prices. Thus, the restaurant has rightfully earned its place on the culinary scene of Tbilisi, becoming a place frequently visited by both locals and tourists.

Grilled pork meat ("shashlik")
Grilled pork meat (“shashlik”). A large portion cost 7 GEL, which is approximately 2.60 EUR.

Khachapuri megruli
Traditional Georgian cheese bread, khachapuri megruli, for 11 GEL, which is approximately 4 EUR.

Bean stew ("lobio")
Delicious bean stew (“lobio”) garnished with fresh herbs and onion. I ordered a bowl of spicy local vegetables and bread with the stew. Lobio cost 5 GEL, which is approximately 2 EUR.

Spinach pkhali
Pkhali is one of the most famous Georgian dishes. It is a starter prepared from various types of vegetables, complemented with a walnut paste. In Mapshalia restaurant, they make spinach pkhali, which costs 5 GEL, which is approximately 2 EUR.

Ostri or spicy beef goulash
Ostri is spicy beef goulash. The name truly describes that it’s “spicy”. The variant prepared in Mapshalia was excellent, the meat was melting in the mouth, and the seasoning was perfect. One portion cost 7 GEL, which is approximately 2.60 EUR.

Kharcho stew
Kharcho is another typical Georgian dish. It’s a type of stew, and every household can prepare Kharcho differently and quite distinctively. In Mapshalia, they make beef kharcho with walnut paste, one portion costs 8 GEL, which is approximately 3 EUR.

Mapshalia is not too big and due to its popularity, you often come across a queue that starts even before the entrance to the restaurant. However, the queue moves quickly and the wait is worth it. The staff is made up of only women, none of whom speak English, but there is a willingness and a great effort to communicate. I visited the restaurant many times and I was always thrilled. Payment is possible only in cash.

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