Mlýnec Restaurant, Prague (3)

A cold and unkind January always tempts me to visit my favourite restaurants more intensively. The target of Tuesday lunch became my favorite Mlýnec Restaurant, which on weekdays around noon serves not only its regular menu, but also the lunch menu, which is different every week.

Croquette of pulled brisket, with pickled vegetables, pumpkin, curry paste and dill

The starter was a croquette of pulled brisket, with pickled vegetables, pumpkin, curry paste and dill. The beautiful presentation on the plate only accentuated the delicious taste of the succulent croquette, which was complemented by the sour taste of the pickles. A superbly seasoned dish that I would love to have again.

Grilled pikeperch with mint quinoa

The main course was grilled pikeperch with quinoa, which was flavoured with mint and garnished with currants and peanuts. The fish was tender and perfectly prepared, completely boneless of course. The quinoa was seasoned in a way that reminded me of London, a city I hadn’t been to in so long, where different, even exotic, cuisines intermingle. Food styling, where the food is only on one side of the plate, is one of my favourites and suited the dish very well.

Since my last visit, Mlýnec Restaurant has become more expensive, the two-course lunch menu here costs CZK 595 (about 25 Eur), the three-course menu CZK 695 (about 29 Eur). However, if you add to the price of the meal the incredible view of the Charles Bridge, the friendly staff and the nice environment, it is still a good deal in my opinion.

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