Pizzeria Cerere, Cagliari

On the way from sunny Sardinia, there was an opportunity for a several-hour visit to Cagliari. Since restaurants are often closed on Sundays and Mondays, we chose the small Cerere pizzeria, which was open. It is indeed very small, with only five tables inside. Shortly after our arrival, it filled up to the last seat, and reservations are recommended for dinner. The pizzeria is pleasantly and tastefully furnished, everything is new.

Pizza Atesina

We practically immediately received a menu with a selection of about 20 types of pizza and basic drinks. We chose the Atesina pizza with a tomato base, mozzarella, mushrooms, smoked prosciutto, and rocket. Although I don’t like too many things on a pizza that are added just before serving, the combination of baked mushrooms, smoked prosciutto, and rocket was perfect. Price: 12 EUR.

Pizza Sarda

As the second pizza, we chose the Sarda pizza, again with a tomato base and mozzarella, this time complemented by slices of dried sausage and typical Italian pecorino cheese. The cheese was not spared, the pizza tasted great, even though it was not exactly a dietary affair. Price: 11 EUR.

Sardinian unfiltered beer Ichnusa

Since the outdoor temperatures were well above thirty degrees, we replenished our fluids with unfiltered Sardinian beer Ichnusa, which is brewed near Cagliari – in Assemini.

Interior of Cerere pizzeria

The pizzeria is run by a very pleasant married couple, who were present during our visit. The man was responsible for making the pizzas, and the woman served. Both showed enthusiasm for their work and pleasure from praise. The service was lightning-fast and flawless, everything was handled practically immediately. If you have some time in Cagliari and feel like having a pizza, I recommend trying Cerere pizzeria.

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