Mici (Mititei): Grilled Ground Meat Rolls

Mici, a typical Romanian dish, are small sausages without casings made from ground pork and lamb meat and prepared on the grill. In the Czech Republic, we would compare them to the more familiar meat rolls called “čevabčiči”.

Legend has it that mici (or also mititei) were created by accident at the end of the 19th century – a cook simply ran out of sausage casings. He tried to put only the sausage filling on the grill, and the new dish quickly gained great popularity.

Romanian mici (mititei)
Romanian mici (mititei)

Mici was my very first meal during my visit to Romania in 2022. When I saw them on the lunch menu at the Beraria Veche restaurant, the choice was clear. On the recommendation of the staff, I chose stoemp mashed potatoes with bacon, pickled red beets with horseradish, and grilled mici that could be seasoned with mustard in a small bowl as a side dish. The combination was great.

The lunch menu, including a pancake for dessert, cost 4.6 EUR and was one of the best meals I had in Iași. The taste of the grilled mici was unbeatable.

Bon appetit!

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