Svijany Brewery

When one mentions Czech beer, many (especially abroad) think of Pilsner Urquell. However, there are many other interesting Czech breweries that have a lot to offer and are easily available in supermarkets or directly in restaurants. One such brewery is Svijany.

Svijany beer - premium lager 450
Svijany beer – premium lager 450

Svijany, located in the village of the same name, boasts a brewing tradition that dates back to the 16th century. The brewery was founded in 1564, making it one of the oldest breweries in the Czech Republic. Its establishment was closely linked to the local nobility of the Wartenberg family, who played a key role in the early stages of its development. Thanks to them, Svijany beer was often associated with the elite and had a certain prestige.

Svijany beer - Svijanský Rytíř
Svijany beer – Svijanský Rytíř

Svijany offers a wide range of beers, but their flagship, the lager, is a testament to Czech brewing art. It is characterized by a clear golden hue with a white foam. The aroma is delicately balanced with malt sweetness and floral hops. The beer tastes fresh, with a subtle bitterness that lingers but does not overpower. This makes Svijany a suitable choice for those who appreciate a well-balanced lager that is flavorful yet easy to drink.

Svijany beer - Svijanský Máz
Svijany beer – Svijanský Máz

Svijany beer often ranks at the top in beer competitions, including international ones. In 2023, they have already won Czech awards such as:

  • Svijanská Kněžna 13 % – Zlatá pivní pečeť – dark strong beer category
  • Svijanský Svátek 11 % – Zlatá pivní pečeť – yeast beer
  • Zámek 11 % – Zlatá pivní pečeť – yeast beer
  • Svijanský Vozka Blackcurrant & Lime – Zlatá pivní pečeť – mixed beer drink
  • Svijanský Vozka Yuzu & Bergamot – Zlatá pivní pečeť – mixed beer drink
Svijany beer - Svijanský Baron
Svijany beer – Svijanský Baron

Although Svijany sticks to traditional brewing methods, they are open to innovations. The brewery experiments with new beer styles and flavors, striving for a balance between tradition and modernity. The brewery’s offer is very wide, currently including these types of beers:

  • Svijanská Desítka 10° – light draft beer – alcohol content 4%
  • Svijanský Máz 11° – light lager (the brewery’s flagship product) – alcohol content 4.8%
  • Šlik – beer brewed in honor of J. O. Šlik, a former owner of the brewery – alcohol content 4.4%
  • Zámek 11° – ringed lager according to an old recipe – alcohol content 4.8%
  • Premium Lager 450 – light lager – commemorating the 450th anniversary of the brewery’s foundation – alcohol content 4.6%
  • Svijanský Fanda 11° – unfiltered cut lager – alcohol content 4.8%
  • Svijanský Rytíř 12° – cold-hopped light lager – alcohol content 5%
  • Kvasničák 13° – unfiltered light special beer – alcohol content 6%
  • Svijanský Kníže 13° – stronger light lager – alcohol content 5.6%
  • Svijanská Kněžna 13° – dark special beer – alcohol content 5.2%
  • Baron 15° – the strongest Svijany lager – alcohol content 6.5%
  • Weizen 12° – wheat beer, the only beer in the offer that is not of the Pilsner type – alcohol content 5%
  • DUX 13° – a special beer prepared for the celebrations of St. Wenceslas – the patron of Czech beer – alcohol content 5.5%
  • Svijanský Vozka – light non-alcoholic beer
  • Svijanský Vozka with flavors of yuzu & bergamot, blackcurrant, and lime
  • Svijany 20° – distinctly bitter special – alcohol content 10%
  • Beer straight from the cellar 12° – unpasteurized, unfiltered lager – alcohol content 4.9%
  • Cecilia 11° – gluten-free beer – alcohol content 4.8%
  • Svijanela with flavors of Grape, Cola with herbs, Orange, Raspberry – non-alcoholic lemonade
Svijany beer - Svijanský Kníže
Svijany beer – Svijanský Kníže

The Svijany Brewery produces its beers without pasteurization. This is a process where the beer is briefly heated to a high temperature with the aim of destroying unwanted microorganisms that could affect its taste and shelf life. This helps to extend the beer’s shelf life and ensures its consistency over time. However, some beer purists argue that pasteurization can slightly affect the taste of the beer.

Svijany beer - Svijanská Kněžna
Svijany beer – Svijanská Kněžna

What about you and Svijany beer? Do you like to have it, or do you prefer to reach for more well-known Czech beer brands?

Cheers and drink responsibly!

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