Zíchovec Family Brewery

The Czech Republic has an incredibly wide and interesting range of beers from small and mini breweries, so I would find it a pity to stick to consuming only the most famous brands. And one of my favorites, which is less known, is Zíchovec beer.

Zíchovec beer - West Coast IPA Hotline
Zíchovec beer – West Coast IPA Hotline

The Zíchovec Brewery began brewing beer in 2012, and from the beginning, the founders were enchanted by aging beer in wooden barrels (e.g., after port wine). They use barrels for various specialties, of which they have produced more than a hundred. In 2016, they moved production to modern premises in Louny, and in 2019 they began bottling beer not only in glass bottles but also in aluminum cans. Zíchovec is not easily available in restaurants, but you can buy it, for example, in the Makro cash & carry chain, where one 0.7 l bottle costs about 100 CZK (approx. 4 EUR). It’s not the cheapest option, but the taste and bite of Zíchovec beer will eventually convince you that the price is justified.

Zíchovec beer - semi-dark special Magor
Zíchovec beer – semi-dark special Magor

Among the staples in their offer is the twelve-degree Krahulík, according to Zíchovec, the ideal Czech lager, easily drinkable. I really like the distinctly bitter West Coast IPA beer named Hotline. Also notable is the strong semi-dark lager named Magor, which is one of the oldest beers they still brew at the brewery.

Zíchovec beer - light lager Krahulík
Zíchovec beer – light lager Krahulík

Together with Zíchovec, I also like to have specialties from the Matuška Brewery. You can taste his draft beer, for example, as part of the Prague Beer ZOO at the Dva Kohouti Restaurant.

What beer specialties do you like?

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