U Matěje Restaurant, Prague

The U Matěje restaurant focuses on modern and classic Czech cuisine. We visited shortly after the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions. The weather was nice, and we had a table in the garden, which was fully occupied. The restaurant is run by Jan Punčochář, a media-known judge from the TV competition MasterChef Česko. Jan Punčochář has experience from many renowned restaurants, and opening his own fulfilled a long-held dream.

Braised beef with roasted peppers, toast with marrow and confit garlic

For the appetizer, we chose braised beef with roasted peppers, toast with marrow, and confit garlic for 185 CZK (about 7.40 EUR). This part of beef  (called “hovězí husička” in Czech language) is a muscle on the front shoulder, located under a layer of connective tissue. It resembles pork tenderloin in shape and is very tender meat. The appetizer was flawless, well-seasoned, and the pieces of marrow and garlic were perfect for spreading on the toast.

Veal with mushroom-dill sauce, Carlsbad dumpling

Veal with mushroom-dill sauce and Carlsbad dumpling as the main course for 275 CZK (about 11 EUR). This part of veal (“telecí pavouček” in Czech language) gets its name from the marbling, which resembles a spider’s web. It is a very tender and juicy piece of meat from the pelvic cavity. Like others, I rediscovered dill sauce and dill in adulthood, and after previous refusal, it has become one of my favorite ingredients. The dish was perfectly prepared, the sauce was honest, the meat tender, and the Carlsbad dumpling exemplary. Delicious.

Curd dumplings, rum sauce with raisins, vanilla ice cream

Curd dumplings, rum sauce with raisins, and vanilla ice cream as dessert truly deserve the designation of dense, heavy, indulgent, and excellent. The dessert is generously drenched in melted butter and sprinkled with sugar, ensuring even the hungriest guest is satisfied. Contrasting descriptions are appropriate here. The sweet finish cost 125 CZK (about 5 EUR).

The outdoor seating in the garden under the trees was very pleasant, Pilsner beer well-poured, and the staff friendly and fast. All the food was very tasty and beautifully served. Honest Czech cuisine in an excellent execution.

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