Kuchyň Restaurant, Prague

While strolling around the Prague Castle grounds and its surroundings, it would be a shame to miss the Czech restaurant Kuchyň. Kuchyň belongs to the restaurant empire of Pavel Karpíšek and his Ambiente group. Kuchyň’s location is prestigious, situated in the Salm Palace, one of the National Gallery buildings. Prague Castle and Hradčanské Square are within sight, as is Petřín. The area around Kuchyň is a highly tourist-exposed place. This might lead to concerns about it being a tourist trap, but… Kuchyň is great.

Although I consider Ambiente group restaurants to be more expensive, I don’t have this opinion about Kuchyň. The prices absolutely correspond to the exceptional location and quality of the dishes. I would take my foreign guests to Kuchyň without any hesitation if I wanted to introduce them to typical Czech cuisine perfected. Classic, Czech, without modern twists, yet perfect.

Beef tartare with toast

I have stopped by Kuchyň several times mainly for a half-liter of well-drafted Pilsner, or something small to replenish energy after a walk. The last time it was beef tartare with toast. The tartare was excellently seasoned, and although I have preferred dry-prepared toast for several years, these fried ones were very tasty.

Baked plums with curd cheese and gingerbread

While sitting on the long terrace at large tables, it’s easy to glance at other guests and their meals. And it’s often hard to resist another order. The same happened with baked plums with curd cheese and gingerbread. Simple ingredients, but maximum harmony of flavors. A delicacy.

Gardens of Prague Castle

In nice weather, time flies while sitting in the restaurant’s garden. The wind blows, Czech food perfected, and well-drafted Pilsner. Friendly staff and quick service. What more could you ask for?

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