Varna Blue Market

The Blue Market in Varna is a smaller market offering mainly fresh fruits and vegetables. The main part of the market consists of a covered alley with two rows of stalls.

Blue Market

I bought local figs and Bulgarian grape wine, the sellers were very kind and helpful, and although they did not speak English, communication with them was not a problem.

Fruit offer at the Blue Market

In October, out of season, the main part was not even fully occupied.

Grandmothers' offer at the Blue Market

What I find very sympathetic, however, is the offer of grandmothers who set up their mini stalls around the market and sell products from their gardens, eggs, picked herbs, or flowers from morning to evening. Prices from them are very low, grandmothers chat lively among themselves and are happy for every purchase.

Grandmothers' offer at the Blue Market

Their offer most often includes peeled fresh walnuts, collected fruits of Chinese dates, or, for example, nettles. The main part of the Blue Market did not seem that interesting to me, but thanks to this “alley of grandmothers,” I repeatedly visited the Blue Market during my wanderings around Varna and always bought at least a package of unripe Chinese dates, where 100 grams cost approximately 0.52 EUR.

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