What to bring back from Mauritius?

Mauritius is a distant exotic country, so there were plenty of attractions and questions about what to bring from Mauritius.

Mauritian rum Saint Aubin

Rum. Mauritian rum is famous all over the world. In a large suitcase in the airplane’s hold, you can bring a whole bottle, and in your carry-on luggage, you can also bring a tasting package of rum. This gift package of 5 bottles of rum from the Saint Aubin distillery with a content of 50 ml cost 750 MUR, i.e., approximately 15 EUR.

Spice mix for flavoring rum

Spice mix for flavoring rum. The mix contains dried exotic fruits and spices. It is intended for flavoring traditional rum, but you can certainly macerate it in plum brandy or other unflavored spirits. The package cost 215 MUR, i.e., approximately 4.40 EUR.


Whole bean coffee. Since I brought my mocha pot from Italy, I can’t get enough of freshly ground coffee prepared by this method. Dodo Café is a Mauritian roastery, the beans are from Ethiopia, 100% arabica. The price is 300 MUR, i.e., approximately 6 EUR for 225 g.

Banana chips

Banana chips. However, don’t expect the sweet taste that dried bananas sold here have. Banana chips are something similar to potato chips, they are fried and prepared salty. The price for a 100 g package is 73 MUR, i.e., approximately 1.40 EUR.

Banana chips with chili

Banana chips with chili. Chili is a popular spice in Mauritius, so spicy banana chips are also available. The price for a 40 g package is 37 MUR, which is approximately 0.80 EUR.

Peanuts from Mauritius

Peanuts. In 2020, Mauritius produced 350 tons of this delicacy. The peanut shell is colored with red dye. The price for a package is 40 MUR, which is approximately 0.80 EUR.

Ginger candies

Ginger candies. I really like ginger, so ginger candies for the plane were an obvious choice. The package cost 50 MUR, which is approximately 1 EUR.

Spice mix for chicken biryani. The package cost 45 MUR, which is approximately 1 EUR.

Chicken spice mix

Chicken spice mix. The mix contains coriander, cumin, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, anise, cardamom, nutmeg. The package cost 45 MUR, which is approximately 1 EUR.

Black tea with vanilla flavor

Black tea with vanilla flavor. The island grows tea plants, which are processed in the famous Bois Cheri tea factory. These teas are often available as part of hotel breakfasts. The price for a package is 80 MUR, which is approximately 1.60 EUR.

Black tea with jasmine flavor

Black tea with jasmine flavor. Again from the manufacturer Bois Cheri, which has been producing tea on the island since 1892. The package cost 90 MUR, which is about 1.80 EUR.

Moringa tea

Moringa tea. Moringa is considered a super plant with many medicinal effects. The package cost 190 MUR, which is about 3.80 EUR.

Pickled eggplant

Pickled eggplant. Eggplant, honey, onion, oil, and vinegar in one jar for 160 MUR, which is about 3.20 EUR.

All the products mentioned here were made in Mauritius, and I bought them in the Winners supermarket chain.

Happy shopping!

Accommodation in Mauritius
I wholeheartedly recommend the Seastar Hotel in Flic en Flac, just a short walk from a beautiful beach. The hotel is new, the breakfasts are great, and you almost always have an amazing hot tub on the roof terrace all to yourself! The last time I stayed here was in December 2022 and I will return again.