Bistro Sfrigola, Palermo

The Palermo network of bistros Sfrigola focuses on stuffed rice balls arancini. During previous visits to Palermo, I used to go to the bistro ke Palle for arancini, but they often sold out of the types I wanted the most. Sfrigola fries arancini at the moment of order, so you always wait a few minutes.

Arancino aka orange

However, when you hold a beautifully fried arancino in your hand, you will understand why their name was derived from the word for orange in the past.

Arancino with porchetta, cheese, and pickled mushrooms

I couldn’t resist the version with porchetta, cheese, and pickled mushrooms at the Sfrigola bistro. Porchetta is a delicate type of pork roast, which is especially popular in the Rome area.

Arancini production

The Sfrigola network of bistros has glass-enclosed production rooms, so you can easily watch them prepare your order. Saffron-colored rice is always used for making arancini.

Sfrigola offer

You can find Sfrigola in several places in Palermo, the range of fillings is wide and the prices are reasonable. If you have the opportunity to wait a while for your order, you will certainly not be disappointed. You can easily pick up your food even if you don’t speak Italian – after ordering, you will receive a ticket with a number that will be displayed on the light board as soon as your food is ready.

Bon appétit!

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