Bar Touring, Palermo

Don’t be fooled by the name of the establishment, Touring is more of a bistro offering a wide range of delicacies rather than a bar as we know it from somewhere else. Bar Touring is a place where locals gather from early morning, you will find police officers, as well as sellers, mothers with children, and grandmothers. Bar Touring is not a typical tourist destination and is mainly known among locals. And that makes it a great place to visit and soak up the Sicilian atmosphere.

Arancini selection

Originally, the plan was to stop here just for coffee, but once inside the bar, you probably won’t resist and also order something you didn’t come for. Bar Touring is famous for its stuffed rice balls arancini, calzone, as well as sweets or ice cream.

Sweets selection

While exploring the current offer, it was impossible to resist tiramisu. Well… It would be impossible to resist more things, but the stomach was so full from walking around Palermo that only something smaller could fit in.


The tiramisu turned out to be the surprise of the day. The whipped cream was absolutely incredible and elevated the taste of tiramisu to heaven. We agreed that this tiramisu was one of the best we have ever eaten. It disappeared immediately. Tiramisu in a cup cost 4 EUR, coffee here costs 1.2 EUR. At Bar Touring, as in other places in Italy, you pay at a separate cash register in advance, so don’t be surprised by that. However, the cash register is located approximately in the middle of the long display cases, so you can easily point to the cashier without any problems.

Sweets selection

Bar Touring is open every day from four in the morning until midnight. I would love to come here for breakfast or rather a late evening drink during my next visit to Palermo. Even during the day, it is lively here with the true Sicilian atmosphere.

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