Beraria Veche Restaurant, Iași

Beraria Veche Restaurant (translated as “Old Brewery”) was, along with Rustic restaurant, one of the two establishments I definitely wanted to visit in Iași. It offered a wide range of local dishes, previous reviews promised great tasting food and large portions. For the first time, I ate grilled mici in the restaurant and I was so satisfied that I returned several times.

Pan with chicken meat

In addition to traditional Romanian dishes, the restaurant’s menu also includes several pans with a huge amount of meat that will satisfy even really big eaters.

Pan with pork meat

Each of the pans cost about 40 RON, i.e. approximately 8 EUR. However, one portion would be enough for two people.

Pancake with chocolate filling

A freshly prepared pancake with chocolate filling as a dessert.

Restaurant exterior

Beraria Veche has a spacious and pleasant garden prepared for its guests in the summer months. It was possible to communicate with the staff in English without any problems, the service was fast and the food was so good that we returned to the restaurant once again. If you are in Iași, I definitely recommend a visit to Beraria Veche.

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