Artic Bakehouse Bakery, Prague

If you set out for a walk from Prague’s Anděl to Petřín, you cannot miss the Artic Bakehouse bakery (which, for some unknown reason, I always call “Arctic Bakehouse” …). The bakery was founded by Icelander Davíd Arnórsson in 2018, a year after he won the “Cake of the Year” award in Reykjavik. The products from the bakery show a real Nordic craftsmanship and passion for the craft.

Chocolate croissant

The pastries from the bakery are more expensive, but the taste is incredible. Nothing is spared here, so in the chocolate croissant, which costs 80 CZK (about 3.20 EUR), you get a proper piece of chocolate, not just a small piece.

Caramel roll

The caramel roll, which is huge in itself, is covered with a literally immodest layer of caramel and decorated with nuts. After eating it, one has enough energy to climb Petřín and back. And once again… But who wouldn’t reward themselves with something sweet once in a while? The cinnamon roll with caramel costs 70 CZK (about 2.80 EUR) at Artic Bakehouse.

Artic Bakehouse bakery

In the bakery, you will not only find sweet pastries, but they also bake sourdough bread, baguettes, and they will gladly prepare coffee or a baked sandwich for you to take away. There is no place to sit inside, but if the weather is nice outside, you can find a spot on the benches under Petřín.

Artic Bakehouse bakery

When choosing pastries, you also have the opportunity to see the bakers at work up close. During my visit, they were preparing huge baguettes, and I won’t be exaggerating when I write that the baker was smiling at them (and the customers). And if you don’t often pass by Újezd in Prague, you can also try the branches in Myslíkova or Štefánikova Street.

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