Chè aka Vietnamese jelly dessert

Vietnamese cuisine is incredibly interesting, and if you always enjoy only grilled bún chả or soups during your visits to the Prague market Sapa, try Vietnamese desserts as well.

One type of Vietnamese dessert is chè. This name can refer to a wide range of sweet drinks or puddings. Chè can be made from mung beans, tapioca, various jellies, fruit, coconut cream, and other ingredients. Chè can be served hot or cold, eaten from a bowl or drunk from a glass. There are indeed a huge number of chè variations. In Prague’s Sapa, there are several places that specialize in making chè.

Chè with fresh jackfruit

First, we tasted chè with fresh jackfruit, black and white tapioca, jelly, and coconut. We shared it among three of us and agreed that we liked it the most.

Special mix chè

Second, we chose a colorful chè, labeled as a special mix. It contained beans, jelly, tapioca, taro, and coconut.

Coconut chè

And thirdly, coconut chè.

Chè Sài Gòn

We tasted all three chè at the Chè Sài Gòn stand in the back of Sapa. The stand offers around 10 different types of chè, and because navigating the variety of flavors can be a bit difficult, the stand has a menu in both Vietnamese and Czech, and the individual cups are numbered so you can easily match the contents with the description in the menu. Each of the sweet desserts cost 3.60 EUR. If you haven’t tried chè yet, be sure to taste it.

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