Kuchyň Restaurant, Prague (2)

The beautiful Sunday weather enticed a visit to the gardens near Prague Castle, which are stunning in autumn. And when you’re already at the Castle, where else to go for food than the Kuchyň restaurant from the Ambiente network?

I arrived at Kuchyň about half an hour after opening, all the tables on the upper terrace were already occupied, but one on the lower terrace was still waiting for its guests. I sat on the lower terrace for the first time, but the view of Prague from it is perhaps even nicer than from the upper one. Although the lower terrace is self-service, they will bring your food to you without any problems, you just need to order and pay for it upstairs.

Pork neck schnitzel with potato salad

From the sympathetically simple menu, I chose a pork neck schnitzel with potato salad, cranberries, lemon, and pickled cucumber for 335 CZK (about 13.50 EUR). Beautifully served typical Czech dish, the schnitzel was not thin but maybe two centimeters high, perfectly fried. The potato salad was very tasty.

Yeast plum dumpling with curd cheese, sugar, and butter

Yeast plum dumpling with curd cheese, sugar, and butter for dessert. The dumpling was beautifully soft, there was really a lot of plum jam inside, and a pleasantly smaller amount of butter (I immediately remembered the incredibly large amount of butter in the dessert at the U Matěje Restaurant). The dumpling disappeared from the plate instantly, costing 155 CZK (about 6.20 EUR).

Draft Pilsner and a beautiful view of the hundred-spired Prague
With that, a perfectly poured Pilsner for 62 CZK (about 2.50 EUR) and a beautiful view of hundred-spired Prague.

I like the Kuchyň restaurant more and more. In my opinion, Czech dishes here are brought to perfection, and when I compare their prices and level with other restaurants, they still seem cheap to me. Which is a sentence that I would have had a hard time imagining in connection with Ambiente some time ago.

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