Romanian beer

Romania ranks fourth in the world in beer consumption per capita with 99 liters, right after the Czech Republic (135 l), Austria (108 l), and Germany (101 l). Beer is widely consumed here, and Romania offers something for every beer lover – from traditional lagers to modern craft beers.

Bucur Beer

The history of this popular beverage in the country dates back to the ancient Dacians, who were known for brewing a beer-like drink from barley and other grains. Today, the beer industry in Romania is developing with a wide range of styles and flavors. One of the most popular types of beer is still the traditional lager, which is made by combining malt, hops, water, and yeast. This beer usually has a light color, a fresh, refreshing taste, and a moderate alcohol content. Well-known lager brands include Ursus, Timisoreana, and Silva.

Septe Coline Beer

In recent years, the craft beer scene in Romania has also been developing, with many microbreweries and breweries emerging throughout the country. These craft beers are made from a variety of ingredients, including local fruits and spices, and are known for their unique and aromatic taste. Popular craft producers include Zaganu, Bere a la Cluj, and Caru cu Bere.

Capra Noastra Beer

Romanian beer is very affordable. Many craft beers offer an excellent quality-to-price ratio – high-quality bottles are available for a fraction of the price of comparable beers from other countries.

Ursus Beer

Drink responsibly and enjoy Romanian beer!