Staria Chinar Restaurant, Varna

Staria Chinar (translated as Old Plane Tree) is a popular chain of about five restaurants focused on Bulgarian cuisine. The menu offers well-prepared Bulgarian dishes at reasonable prices. Although during my visit to Varna, I first visited the branch on Preslav Street twice, which was literally around the corner, after accidentally discovering another Staria Chinar branch on Tsaribrod Street, I only went there.

The Staria Chinar restaurant on Tsaribrod Street is different from other branches of this chain in that it also provides delivery, so many more orders from local people gather there. On the other hand, it is not in a very touristy area, and during my visits, I did not see any other foreigners there. The menu is also in English, and reservations were never needed. The staff does not speak English very well, but we always managed to communicate in the end.

Butcher's board at Staria Chinar
Butcher’s board at Staria Chinar

One of the highlights of the meals I had here was the “butcher’s board” with pork skewers, homemade sausage, pork ribs, and pork steak, accompanied by lutenica sauce. The pork steak was incredibly tender and juicy, perfectly seasoned, one of the best I have ever eaten. The huge half-kilo plate of meat cost about 11.60 EUR.

Young potatoes with garlic and dill
Young potatoes with garlic and dill

As a side dish to the meat plate, I ordered excellent young potatoes with garlic and dill for about 3 EUR. And no, it was not possible to eat it all at once, it was necessary to take some with me…

Vegetarian potato balls stuffed with smoked cheese and parmesan
Vegetarian potato balls stuffed with smoked cheese and parmesan

Vegetarian potato balls stuffed with smoked cheese and parmesan were my first meal at this restaurant. The only mistake was in the translation, which promised meatballs. However, the appearance completely captivated me, I did not expect anything like this at all. The taste did not lag behind the serving style, they were great, and I would love to have them again. The potato balls cost 6.40 EUR.

Once you are in Varna, I recommend any Staria Chinar branch without hesitation. And the one on Tsaribrod Street especially.

Bon appétit!

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