Pizzeria Timilia, Palermo

Palermo offers such a wide range of street food that it somewhat overshadows other well-known Italian dishes, such as pizza. However, no visit of Italy would be complete without tasting at least one slice of pizza.
Pizza with dried ham, ricotta, and fresh cherry tomatoes

This time, we chose the highly-rated pizzeria Timilia, located on Via Maqueda – the main artery of Palermo’s street food. Pizzeria Timilia offers both classic Neapolitan-style pizza and pizza in teglia. Pizza in teglia is a type of pizza that is baked in long rectangular pans, and often has additional ingredients added after baking. The pizza is cut into strips, which are then sold by weight or by the piece. Before serving, the pizza is briefly heated in an oven or a stove.

Pizza with roasted potatoes and salsiccia sausage

We chose two types – pizza with dried ham, ricotta, and fresh cherry tomatoes, and pizza with roasted potatoes and salsiccia sausage. Both pieces together cost 11 EUR and were excellent.

Menu of Pizzeria Timilia

The menu at the pizzeria is extensive, and you’ll start looking forward to your pizza while ordering inside the store. I spotted several Neapolitan-style pizzas at nearby tables, and they also looked incredibly good.

Pizzeria Timilia

Inside the pizzeria, there are several chairs along a long counter, with many more seating options outside the restaurant. The pizzeria is usually fully occupied, but guests change quickly since most of them order ready-made pizza. It’s worth waiting for a seat. Of course, you can also take your pizza to go.


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