Haleem (halim) aka wheat, lentil and meat soup

Haleem (sometimes also halim) is a type of thick soup that originates from India. The Indian community is widespread in Mauritius, so you will often come across this soup. The soup contains wheat, lentils, and meat (beef, chicken or lamb). It is flavored with a large amount of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, ginger and garlic. It can be garnished with fresh coriander, mint or fried onion.

Haleem aka wheat, lentil, and meat soup
The soup is thick, so it can be a main dish when served with bread. The meat in the soup is not completely lean, but its fat provides juiciness and a pleasant taste.

Haleem aka wheat, lentil, and meat soup

I had haleem at a small snack bar called Snack du Coin in the town of Pamplemousses, which has only this soup, chicken briani, and roti flatbread on the menu. The soup cost 60 MUR, which is approximately 1.20 EUR. If you like thick legume soups, then be sure to try haleem.

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