Jaffa oranges

Jaffa oranges are a special variety of oranges bred and grown in the Middle East. They have few seeds and a tough peel, making them resistant to long journeys (and thus suitable for export), and the plants are also resistant to cold. They are harvested in Israeli and Palestinian territories between November and March. I was surprised to learn that Israel is one of the main suppliers of citrus fruits to the EU, exporting up to half of its annual crop.

Jaffa Orange

And how do Jaffa oranges taste? Great! The peel is indeed easy to remove, and at first glance, one is struck by its rather yellow-orange color, lighter than the oranges in our supermarkets. The taste is pleasantly sweet and seedless.

Tangerines from the Bnei Dror area

I also had the opportunity to taste tangerines from the Bnei Dror area. This is an agricultural settlement of the moshav type in central Israel. We are generally more familiar with the kibbutz, which, together with the moshav and moshavot, forms the three main types of rural Jewish communities that farm together. Bnei Dror is located at an altitude of 64 meters in an intensively cultivated plain. However, the tangerines did not impress me much in terms of taste.

Two large oranges and two tangerines cost 4 shekels at the market near the Damascus Gate, which is approximately 1.20 EUR.