Lowest Bar in the World, Kalia Beach, Dead Sea

If you enjoy various curiosities, then the bar with the literal name “The Lowest Bar in the World” offers an extension to the list of original places where you have ever eaten or drank. You cannot buy refreshments at a lower altitude anywhere else on the planet.

The Lowest Bar in the World

“The Lowest Bar in the World” is located on the coast of the Dead Sea, 420 meters below the level of the world’s oceans. In the Kalia Beach area, it is the only facility where you can buy refreshments.

Coffee at the Lowest Bar in the World

Espresso here costs 11 shekels (approximately 3 EUR), hummus is 35 shekels, six falafel balls are 15 shekels, and fries are 36 shekels.

Relaxation zone at the Lowest Bar in the World

Even in mid-November, the weather at the Dead Sea is warm, with the thermometer showing 30 degrees, which was almost a ten-degree difference compared to Jerusalem. The comfortable relaxation zone will undoubtedly be useful.

Dead Sea

The Kalia Beach area is easily accessible by bus number 486 from Jerusalem, the journey takes less than an hour and costs 16 shekels (about 4.40 EUR). From the bus stop, you will have about a 20-minute walk to the Dead Sea. There is an entrance fee of 18 shekels for the Kalia Beach resort. If you decide to rent a plastic chair and umbrella, the price increases to 35 shekels per person. On-site, there are restroom facilities and freshwater showers.

Have a nice trip!

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