Jameson Distillery, Dublin

Ireland is known for Guinness beer and a variety of whiskey types. Only whiskey that has aged in Ireland for at least 3 years can be called Irish whiskey. Czechs are well familiar with Jameson whiskey, which allows visitors to Dublin to take a peek at its production in the premises of its former factory.

Entrance area of Jameson Distillery

The entrance area is truly monumental. The tour in the distillery mainly takes place in the form of watching a video in one of the halls, where participants are led by a guide. The guide talks knowledgeably and enthusiastically about the production process between individual film clips. However, if you are assigned an older Irish guide, there may be a slight problem understanding the spoken word. The accent can be very strong. The tour also includes a tasting of four samples of Jameson whiskey.

Whiskey aging in barrels

About 2% of the whiskey stored in barrels evaporates annually. This loss is called the “angel’s share.” It is possible to purchase an additional whiskey tasting directly from the barrels in which it ages. As soon as you enter the separate room where the barrels are stored, you will understand that the evaporation of whiskey is real.

Jameson company store offer

After the tour, you can visit the store, where the whiskey selection is extensive and the prices are good. You can also enjoy a mixed drink at the bar.

Outdoor area of Jameson Distillery

The approximately one-hour tour costs 25 EUR, including a tasting of four types of whiskey and a mixed drink at the bar. Purchasing an additional whiskey tasting directly from the barrels costs another 15 EUR. Advance reservation is essential, as it is often sold out.

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