Mine Bouillie: Boiled Noodles

Boiled noodles are a type of food that you can commonly find in Mauritius, along with roti flatbreads, fried noodles and fried rice. It is an exceptionally tasty yet simple dish. The base of the dish is egg noodles, which are complemented by various types of mixtures. Boiled noodles are usually available with vegetables and chicken, beef or lamb, and can even include an egg.

Mine bouillie
Mine bouillie

The vegetable mixture often includes carrots, young corn, pak choi, and is topped with spring onions. In some bistros, a portion of boiled noodles is served with a thick chicken broth (which is also used for Mauritian dumplings boulettes).

One portion of mine bouillie with tender chicken and lots of vegetables costs 125 MUR, approximately 2.80 EUR, at the Nam Wah Snack bistro. This is a dish that you must try when visiting the island of Mauritius.

Bon appetit!

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