Sky Lounge Vienna Airport

For some unknown reason, I had managed to avoid airport lounges for a long time. I rectified this during a trip from Tel Aviv with a stopover in Vienna at the Sky Lounge. If you don’t know airport lounges – they are closed areas at the airport behind all controls, where you can buy a one-time entry. Inside, you can expect not only food and drink consumption, but also greater comfort and privacy while waiting for your flight.

Sky Lounge Vienna Airport - meatballs

The level of offerings in individual lounges can vary significantly; some have service, others operate on a self-service basis. When exploring lounges at airports where I often travel, the one in Vienna stands out as one of the better ones. I visited it about two hours before its closing time (some lounges are open 24/7), yet the food was constantly replenished, and the service worked perfectly.

Sky Lounge Vienna Airport - roasted carrot

In the Sky Lounge, there is always one meat dish (in this case turkey meatballs), one vegetarian dish (cheese spaetzle), several side dishes (there is well-seasoned roasted carrot with spring onion in the photo), apple strudel, excellent curd strudel, brownies, several types of sandwiches and apples, pears, and bananas.

Sky Lounge Vienna Airport - Apple strudel

There was also a wide selection in the beverage section – two types of red wine, two types of white wine, one type of sparkling wine, a large selection of hard alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea. And, of course, sparkling and still bottled water and 100% Rauch juices – apple, orange, and multivitamin.

Sky Lounge Vienna Airport - red wine

Gradually, I tried both red wines, with the one from the Small Hill brand being very drinkable.

Sky Lounge Vienna Airport - red wine

The second type of red wine was also not a disgrace.

Sky Lounge Vienna Airport - white wine

I didn’t taste the white wines, but there were enough bottles of white stylishly chilled in a large metal container filled with ice.

Sky Lounge Vienna Airport - sparkling wine

The sparkling wine didn’t impress much. However, I was delighted that only Austrian wines were on offer. A nice promotion of local winemaking.

Sky Lounge Vienna Airport - interior

Two hours before closing time, the Sky Lounge was empty, there was plenty of seating, and everything was perfectly clean. Empty plates and glasses were removed almost immediately. The hustle and bustle of the surroundings did not affect the lounge, airport announcements were completely muted, and the status of individual flights could be monitored on a large screen.

A one-time entry to the lounge costs 30 Eur, which, in my opinion, is an absolutely great price considering what Sky Lounge Vienna offers. I bought it through the Revolut card, which I’m always using when travelling. You can also get free entry as a bonus with your credit card.

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