Creole Shack Restaurant, Flic en Flac

Creole Shack is a small family restaurant in the town of Flic en Flac. The lady owner and head chef creates and serves a thoughtful three-course lunch menu every day. The menu is not known in advance, the restaurant does not have a website and you will find out the menu only on the spot.

Gâteaux piment

On the day I visited the restaurant, typical Mauritian appetizers called gâteaux piments were served as a starter. I tasted them many times in Mauritius and these were the best, with a strong taste of lemongrass, freshly fried. For those interested, you can also add a spicy chili paste.

Menu with chicken

For the main course, it was possible to choose from two options. We tried both. On a beautifully served tray, we were brought lentil soup with coriander, tender pieces of chicken curry, basmati rice, vegetable salad, coconut chutney, pickled mango and young papaya salad.

Menu with shrimp

The second option included unpeeled shrimp in a red curry sauce with coriander. The shrimp were perfectly prepared.

Coconut ice cream with mango

Coconut ice cream with mango was served as a dessert. The ice cream had delicate pieces of fresh coconut and it was excellent and refreshing in the heat.

Creole Shack Restaurant

The restaurant is small, with only a few tables inside. I recommend booking seats in advance via Whatsapp, the owner communicates quickly and without problems in English. The three-course menu with chicken cost 725 MUR, which is about 16 EUR. The menu with shrimp cost 800 MUR, which is about 33 EUR.

If you want to try excellent Mauritian cuisine with elegant serving, try visiting Creole Shack.

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