Bistro Farata Aka Vinoda, Flic en Flac

Bistro Farata Aka Vinoda is one of the bistros right on the beach in Flic en Flac, which I can confidently recommend. Just like in front of bistro Ti Kabann, long queues form during lunchtime.

Bistro Farata Aka Vinoda
Bistro Farata Aka Vinoda

Farata Aka Vinoda specializes in paratha flatbreads. Paratha flatbreads are (along with roti) probably the most common type of street food in Mauritius. The simple dough consists of just flour and water, which is brushed with oil or ghee when baking on a large pan. The flatbreads are then filled with various types of mixtures, vegetarian or meat-based. Like other local establishments with limited facilities, the flatbreads are prepared fresh, the mixtures are prepared in advance and are even stored in gastronorm containers. The complete preparation of the meal is very fast.

Lamb paratha
Lamb paratha

A vegetarian-filled paratha here costs 20 MUR, which is about 0,30 EUR, the same price as offered by establishments outside the tourist area. Chicken paratha costs twice as much, while lamb costs 50 MUR, about 1 EUR. However, fish, shrimp or octopus-filled paratha are also available.

The mixtures are wonderfully flavored and you can, of course, choose a version with chili paste. The service is fast and the queue moves quickly. Payment is cash only. If you want to eat right on the beach, try Farata Aka Vinoda, you won’t be disappointed.

Another tip for a beachfront bistro is the noodle stand Ti Kabann.

Bon appetit!

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