Bistro Ti Kabann, Flic en Flac

I’m not a big fan of eating in tourist areas. The beach at Flic en Flac is beautiful and popular among tourists and locals alike. It is lined with dozens of small businesses offering street food. However, the selection and prices are significantly influenced by the location and concentration of tourists, who don’t have very high demands on the quality of food. They just want to eat quickly while enjoying the beautiful sea and beach. Nevertheless, I dare to recommend two bistros, in front of which long queues of mainly local residents formed during lunchtime.

One of them is Ti Kabann bistro, which specializes in cooked and fried noodles. These can be complemented with popular dumplings or a whole egg.

Fried noodles

Due to the limited facilities, the meat is prepared in advance. The dish is actually just quickly “assembled” from freshly cooked noodles, stir-fried vegetables and complemented with meat. The seasoning of the food is again excellent and you can see the satisfaction in the eyes of the diners, who enjoy the food right in front of the stand. Fried noodles with vegetables and lamb meat here cost 140 MUR, which is about 6 EUR. There was also a chicken version for 120 MUR, which is about 5 EUR.

Bistro Ti Kabann

Bistro Ti Kabann is not listed on Google Maps or rather its location on the maps is incorrect. However, you can easily find it if you walk along the road leading along the beach from Flic en Flac towards Wolmar. The serving window is open towards the road and there will surely be a group of local people and maybe even tourists waiting for their food in front of it. The staff speaks only French, but it was possible to communicate with them. Payment is possible only in cash.

Excellent fried noodles are also made in the center of Flic en Flac at the Nam Wah Snack bistro. Another tip for a beachfront bistro is Farata Aka Vinoda.

Enjoy your meal!

Accommodation in Mauritius
I wholeheartedly recommend the Seastar Hotel in Flic en Flac, just a short walk from a beautiful beach. The hotel is new, the breakfasts are great, and you almost always have an amazing hot tub on the roof terrace all to yourself! The last time I stayed here was in December 2022 and I will return again.