Lao Fang Zi Restaurant, Flic en Flac

Mauritian street food seems great to me, but if you spend a few weeks in Mauritius, you might crave other cuisines as well. Since the Chinese community forms a significant minority on the island, I decided to visit the highly-rated Chinese restaurant Lao Fang Zi, located not far from the center of Flic en Flac.

Chicken with a mix of crispy vegetables
Chicken with a mix of crispy vegetables

The quickly fried chicken strips with a mix of crispy vegetables cost 275 MUR, which is about 6 Eur. The mix was excellently flavored, the chicken juicy, the vegetables crispy yet not raw. The mix also included wood ear mushrooms and two slices of potato. A delicacy.

Fried crispy chicken
Fried crispy chicken

And because Mauritian cuisine can be quite carbohydrate-heavy and there isn’t much meat in the dishes, we also chose fried crispy chicken. The thigh meat was perfectly fried, yet still juicy. The chicken portion was accompanied by a sweet and sour sauce and cost 250 MUR, which is about 5 Eur. One large portion of white rice as a side dish for both meals cost 2 Eur. The restaurant also automatically serves a complimentary appetizer in the form of pickled vegetables and mushrooms.

Lao Fang Zi Restaurant

The interior of the restaurant is impeccably clean, the large room is cooled to a more pleasant temperature than what prevails outside most of the day. The service is fast, they speak English, and card payment is possible here.

If you want to take a break from Mauritian cuisine and try something else, I definitely recommend visiting the Chinese restaurant Lao Fang Zi.

Bon appetit!

More information can be obtained by clicking on the link on the map:

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I wholeheartedly recommend the Seastar Hotel in Flic en Flac, just a short walk from a beautiful beach. The hotel is new, the breakfasts are great, and you almost always have an amazing hot tub on the roof terrace all to yourself! The last time I stayed here was in December 2022 and I will return again.