Piment farci aka stuffed chili peppers

Stuffed chili peppers, known as “piment farci,” are a popular delicacy in Mauritius. They are made by filling chili peppers with a mixture of ground meat, shrimp, and vegetables. The raw chili pepper is cut lengthwise, filled with the mixture, then coated with batter and fried in oil until golden brown.

Stuffed chili peppers - piment farci

Some chefs remove the spicy seeds during preparation, while others leave them in. Therefore, be careful as the stuffed pepper can be very spicy. I am used to eating spicy food, but I could only handle part of the pepper without the seeds and not the whole pepper.

Stuffed chili peppers - piment farci - inside

For lovers of this dish, I am also including an authentic recipe for piment farci. The preparation is not complicated:

One chili pepper filled with a delicate mixture of chicken and shrimp at the Nam Wah Snack bistro costs 40 MUR, which is approximately 0.80 EUR.


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