Gato arouille aka fried taro balls

Gato arouille are fried balls made from a plant called taro. This plant is not well-known to us, but its tubers, which can weigh up to 5 kilograms, are an important part of the diet in many countries in Africa and Asia. Taro can be boiled, fried, dried, or ground into flour… Its uses are wide-ranging. Taro has been cultivated since ancient times.

Gato arouille aka fried balls made from taro

To prepare this Mauritian delicacy, taro is grated on a coarse grater and mixed with ginger, salt, pepper, soy sauce, and tapioca starch. Small balls are formed and fried in oil until they are golden brown. They are best eaten while still warm. Below is a video recipe for your reference:

And how do the fried taro balls taste? They are delicious! The outer layer is pleasantly crispy, while the inside is chewy. The ginger flavor is also noticeable. However, they are not exactly a low-calorie snack, as the balls are a bit oily from frying.

Gato arouille aka fried balls made from taro

I enjoyed the fried taro balls at the Nam Wah Snack bistro, and one ball cost 25 MUR, which is approximately 0,50 EUR. By around 2 PM, they were often sold out.

If you like fried foods and enjoy trying new things, gato arouille is perfect for you.

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