Bulgarian cheese sirene

Sirene is a popular type of soft cheese in Bulgaria that can be made from cow, goat, sheep, or buffalo milk. It is soaked in a salty brine, sometimes also called Bulgarian feta. For Czechs, it may be tempting to compare it to Balkan cheese, which we often add to our Shopska salad. However, for me, Bulgarian cheese sirene is much more delicate and interesting in taste compared to this Czech cheese.

In stores, you will find a wide range of sirene cheeses, most often packaged in 400 and 200-gram sizes. Prices vary depending on the brand and size of the package. The price difference between cow, sheep, and goat sirene is not significant. The most expensive is buffalo milk cheese, which is why buffalo milk is often mixed with cow’s milk.

Bulgarian sirene cheese made from buffalo milk

Bulgarian sirene cheese made from buffalo (30%) and cow’s milk (70%). This large 400g package cost 5.60 EUR (1.40 EUR per 100 grams).

Bulgarian sirene cheese made from goat milk

Goat sirene cheese is probably the most distinctive in taste. A 200-gram package cost 3.20 EUR (100 grams for 1.60 EUR).

Bulgarian sirene cheese made from cow milk

The cow’s milk sirene cheese variant has a distinct aroma and taste of high-quality white yogurt. This 200g package cost 2.20 EUR (100 grams for 1.08 EUR).

If you like cheese, I recommend bringing sirene cheese home. Last time, I brought home 2 kilograms of all possible varieties, and I already know that they will be eaten very quickly.