What to bring back from Bulgaria?

I really like to bring home food from my trips, and this time was no different. What did I bring from Bulgaria?

Bulgarian cheese sirene

Bulgarian cheeses sirene made from goat’s milk, cow’s, sheep’s, and even buffalo’s. My favorite Bulgarian ingredient.

Mursalski tea

An interesting gift from a trip to Bulgaria can also be Mursalski tea. It is attributed with healing effects and has a pleasant taste. A 20 g package cost approximately 2.20 EUR.

Sujuk sausage

Sujuk sausage is most often made from ground beef or game meat and a colorful mix of spices. Some sausages may have noble mold on the surface. One sujuk sausage costs approximately 4.80 EUR.

Dried beef "pastarma"
Dried beef “pastarma”. During the production of pastarma, the meat is first salted, then coated in a spice mixture, and finally air-dried for several weeks. The finished product is aromatic and spicy, and can be sliced into thin slices. An 80 g package costs approximately 4.80 EUR.

Colorful salt seasoning mix

Colorful salt (sharena sol) is a typical Bulgarian seasoning mix. It is used for sprinkling on bread, cheese, and vegetables. The composition of this package consists of salt, red pepper, savory, and fenugreek. In some mixes, salt may not be present at all, but it is in this one. The price was approximately 0.40 EUR.

Seasoning mix for cold soup tarator

Seasoning mix for cold soup tarator and Snow White salad. It contains garlic, fennel greens, and black pepper. The price was approximately 0.80 EUR.

Bean seasoning mix

When shopping, I often try to buy ingredients that I have no idea how they taste. This was the case with this bean seasoning mix. The ingredients include salt, red pepper, fenugreek, chili, coltsfoot, basil, dried onion, carrot, tomato powder, parsley, and garlic. I have already had the opportunity to try the mix, and it is very interesting; the fenugreek gives the beans an unusual taste. The price for a package was approximately 0.80 EUR.

Cream with Damask rose extract

And as a gift, I also added a cream with rose extract and hyaluronic acid to my shopping list. Bulgaria is known for growing Damask roses in the famous Rose Valley. The oil extract from this rose is one of the most expensive extracts in the world. The Damask rose has a beautiful scent and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant effects. It works against wrinkles and brightens tired skin. It also has a positive effect on the psyche, eliminating insomnia and breathing problems.

If you are not limited by weight and can transport liquids, definitely consider the excellent Bulgarian wine as well.